What we offer in wastewater solutions.

Maximize your efficiency and minimize your water footprint with E3 Solutions’s Accelerated Evaporation Systems.

  • The least expensive and most efficient technology
  • Lowest maintenance and electrical cost
  • Permittable, compliant approaches to wastewater disposal
  • Meets zero discharge criteria
  • Evaporation, aeration, and bioremediation
  • Patented Enhanced Evaporation Technology
  • The only atomizer that can manipulate droplet size by varying speed without changing the water throughput
  • System capacities range from 20 GPM to well over 10,000 GPM

E3 Solutions to wastewater

Download the most updated and reliable enhanced evaporation leading information on the market.

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Four Industry Leading Enhanced Evaporation Models

Awesome Facts!

Amount of PURE water returned to the hydrologic cycle

Capital Expenditures Avoided

Return on Investment depending on location

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E3 Solutions has solved, designed and sold customized wastewater solutions, to wastewater managers around the globe. Our efforts have dramatically decreased our clients’ costs, as well as their water footprints.

Minimize wastewater treatment costs. Maximize wastewater removal.

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