1 E3 Aeration and Diffusion System

E3 Aeration and Diffusion System

​The E3 Aeration and Diffusion System is a part of our proven approach to maximize evaporation rates with water cleaning technology.
2 Evaporators Designed to Last and Perform

Evaporators Designed to Last and Perform

Capable of evaporating wastewater with the highest and lowest pH, challenging high levels of TSS and TDS.
3 Cleaning Wastewater

Cleaning Wastewater

Cleaning wastewater can improve evaporation rates, eliminate odors and provide water for reuse.

E3’s enhanced wastewater
evaporation systems

Designed for efficient use – suitable for all industries.

Each system is designed to be:

  • Cost-efficient – Operating rates as low as $4.00 per day.
  • Customizable – Modular design for all evaporator models.
  • Weather Resistant – The Varimax and MegaMist can operate in many challenging weather conditions.
  • Easy to Maintain – ‘No-nozzle’ designs resistant to corrosion and scaling
  • Industry VersatileOur technology is suitable for any industry application – our evaporation systems can even take on wastewater that is laden with heavy salts, metals, and inorganic materials.

E3 Solutions Applications

Don’t see your industry listed here? That’s okay! If you want to find out if our evaporation systems are right for you, head over to our contact page and send us information about what you do and what your current needs are. Our team of experts will look into your query and get back to you shortly.

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