Evaporators Designed to Last and Perform


Many industries create wastewater as an unwanted byproduct of their production.

Properly disposing of this wastewater is necessary, by law. However, before disposal, the wastewater must first be treated. The most common systems of wastewater treatment include reverse osmosis, brine concentrators and MVR’s- all of which have very high capital and operational costs.


As a result, enhanced evaporation is the solution to these high financial and sustainability costs in wastewater management.

Moreso, our enhanced evaporation systems, Varimax and MegaMist, efficiently accelerate wastewater treatment. In fact, E3’s systems are so effective that you will never have to stop production or add additional ponds to keep up with your production byproduct.

Our Competitive Advantage:

The Varimax operates at the lowest costs in the market. It operates at under $0.50 per hour- that’s huge potential savings for your wastewater treatment.

Our single-system designs are created to be easily added to any size pond, one unit at a time. This way, you can easily add one system after another, in order to keep up with production, without stalling operations or constructing new ponds.

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